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About Frogling

A long time ago in a far galaxy was registered domain With that @mvodya was created the team Frogling. Initially it was a simple news site with the subject: "interesting news and facts". The site has progressed very quickly (by design, technically), but did not enjoy popularity. Soon it was abandoned and no longer replenished by the news.

Now is a collection of all the projects created by me.

Who is @mvodya?

My name is Mark Vodyanitskiy. I'm developing a small tools and apps. Sometimes it comes to game development. The languages with which I am familiar are C++, C#, Java. Recently I learn UE4. I think this information about me is enough.

What are the plans for the future?

I have a lot ideas for mini games, tools, web services. And I will create and release that ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

Почему на сайте текст то на русском, то на английском?

Да просто так. There is no specific reason for this. На английском - чтобы случайный прохожий понял о чем речь. На русском — чтобы я понимал :)

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